Education — Meeting the Needs of All Our Learners

  • In cooperation with the other members of the School Committee, as mayor, I will convene a citizens’ panel of educators, administrators, parents, students, and local elected officials to research and present a visioning document for Melrose Schools 2030 – A Path to the Future.

    • We all know that education is changing rapidly, and the hard work of operating a school system day-to-day sometimes crowds out the equally important work of examining trends in curriculum, teaching best practices and professional development, technology, special education, social and emotional growth, workforce development, and population. Just as the city has developed and updates its master planning document, our school district should have a similar roadmap for our long-term future.

  • We have a responsibility to make sure our students are healthy and safe. That means renewing our focus on inclusivity, healthy relationships, and making good choices.  I will redouble efforts in Melrose to combat the epidemic of vaping in our schools.