Investing in Our Buildings and Infrastructure

  • The city is in the process of performing a capital needs assessment. As mayor, I will provide an annual capital action plan to update our progress in meeting our capital needs as part of the annual budget process.

    • I will ensure that any capital needs assessment includes our public buildings, schools, municipal buildings, streets, roads, sidewalks, and water and sewer needs.

  • My administration’s capital needs assessment will also include a review of other assets, such as fire, police and municipal equipment and vehicles to ensure that our emergency services have the equipment they need and that our city is able to provide necessary services in an efficient and effective way.

    • The assessment of these needs will also set out a schedule based on best practices so we can create a plan for predictable replacement of these assets and plan accordingly.

  • I will work to take advantage of any state matching funds to improve our infrastructure.  

    • For example, Melrose has an opportunity to invest in our public library and take advantage of state matching funds to make important improvements. After careful financial analysis of our debt burden and other capital needs, the city should move ahead with this project. Our library is a shared community resource, and with this grant we can modernize and expand the library. This would provide much needed meeting space for the community, remedy structural deficiencies like the leaking roof, and make the library fully accessible to patrons with disabilities in a thoughtful, cost-effective way. It would be fiscally irresponsible to miss this opportunity.