Opening City Hall’s Books

  •  I will convene a task force of residents to look at and analyze other communities’ websites best practices.  

    • The Committee will then make a recommendation to City Hall about how we can create an online avenue for everyone to access information on city budgeting, spending, and city service performance. As part of its analysis, the task force will examine staffing and other resources needed to implement recommendations.

  • As mayor, I will centralize responsibility for data collection and management within the mayor’s office, creating consistent public information platform in a clear and readily accessible format.

    • Currently, if a resident does an Internet search for Melrose 2020 budget, the city’s budget website provides lots of information about the override but no link to the 2020 budget proposal. A resident has to go into the agenda packet to find the current city budget proposal. The budget should be no more than one click away from the city’s homepage. In addition, the city can use water bill inserts to provide regular and accessible budget information to residents.

  • In order to make sure we reach as many residents as possible with important information, my administration will also include periodic updates in the water bill mailings and will publish regular updates via local media outlets.