Addressing Our Traffic Issues

  • As mayor, I will bring together our Department of Public Works, the Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as local and state law enforcement to work together on practical solutions to help ease congestion. A stepped-up program of enforcement in critical areas combined with traffic calming engineering are critical tools in addressing this problem.

  • As mayor, I will not let an opportunity pass that will allow Melrose to aggressively pursue projects funded by the Complete Streets Program created and funded by the legislature. This grant program increases public safety for drivers and pedestrians alike, and is an asset to our local economy.

  • Reliable transportation alternatives to cars are key to reducing transportation emissions.  I will continue to support the efforts of the bike-ped committee to create safer transportation options and conditions while getting people out of their cars.  My administration will also educate our residents about the new street striping and bike routes and encourage their use.